We are reshaping the way fans and
 notables connect

Notable Live promotes two-way communication that is positive and mutually beneficial for fans and notables.

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“If you’ve ever wanted to go backstage, get on the field or really get to know what’s on a notable’s mind, this platform was built to do just that. We created Notable Live to provide true access to notables in ways never done before.”

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Making online interactions safer

Notable Live is a platform built on positivity, that guides us to find and use our voice for good. Our platform does not tolerate trolling or bullying.

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Making connections that matter

Our platform isn’t about a like or a follow, it’s about creating experiences, making memories and being a part of LIVE! conversations – conversations that connect fans and notables in ways never done before.

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We’re having fun

This platform is a dream come true for our founders, and it’s been a lot of fun to build. We’re even more excited about the fun our users will have, and the dreams that will be fulfilled for all of the fans out there!

Get to Know Us

We are a group of fans and notables, working together to strengthen and build our platform and demonstrate the power of expanding our networks and making connections with people who share our interests and inspire us.

Mike Antonucci, Founder & CEO

Mike Antonucci

Founder & CEO

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Emmitt Smith, Co-Founder & Host of “LIVE! with Emmitt Smith”

Emmitt Smith

Co-Founder & Host of “LIVE! with Emmitt Smith”

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Pat Smith, Co-Founder & Host of “It’s My Time with Pat Smith”

Pat Smith

Co-Founder & Host of “Stripped Down with Pat Smith”

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Jim Gaughn, President &COO

Jim Gaughan

President & COO

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Lauren Tobin, VP, Marketing & Events

Alan Bloodgood

SVP Operations and Logistics

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