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Tight Turns and Turbulence - A Race Fan's Dream!

Have you ever wanted to have the best view at the races?  What about watching the race with a real race car driver and a football legend?  Well, now you can with our most exciting experience offerings yet -  Chicago Street Race Experiences from Notable Live Experiences!


With four options to choose from, you will surely find something to satisfy your racing itch and leave you wanting more!  Here's the setting for your weekend filled with dirty air and downforce!

chicago 2.png

For this set of experiences you will head to the Windy City - the land of crazy roadways and deep dish pizza.  


Travel and accommodations are on you, but once you're there, we'll show you the best time of your life!

Chicago.  'Nuff Said.

SIX10 2.png
TURNS 7 & 8 2.png
LUG NUTS 2.png
3d pkg.png

Once you're in the Windy City, you'll head to an amazing vantage point - one where you can get away from the heat of the street and enjoy a VIP's experience complete with a football legend - Emmitt Smith and his race team partner, Jesse Iwuji.  We'll provide amazing food and drink and a host of experiences you won't soon forget.

Venue SIX10.
Now That's Perspective! *

Now, we've got you right where we want you...high atop a gorgeous venue  with a view where you get to hang out with Emmitt and Jesse, your friends, and new friends while enjoying the race...and that wonderful view is right at the center of the action at turns 7 and 8!

Turns 7 & 8.  
Things Are Heating Up!

We've mentioned this a few times already...but just in case you forgot - you and your guest will get to hang with Iwuji Motorsports owners Jesse Iwuji and former NFL legend Emmitt Smith!  You'll enjoy VIP status with our guys as you take in the sights and sounds the only way we think is just as cool as a superspeedway full of fast cars!

Celebrity Status.
You, Your Guest, Emmitt & Jesse.

In addition to some experiences of a lifetime, wave the green flag on some great race memorabilia from Iwuji Motorsports.  We are talking lug nuts,  pit signs, car panels, and more.  Auctions run throughout the race and beyond!  

Click here to shop now!

Rare Memorabilia.
Mark the Moment with Race Stuff. **

*Not all packages have access to Venue SIX10.  Read package details carefully.

**Actual auction items to be determined closer to race day.

Sounds like a great time to us.  You in?

Want to lean more?  Click below for more details and a link to our auction store!

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