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A Legendary Collection

There's no doubt Emmitt Smith is one of the most decorated NFL players in all of American football history.  In this massive selection of items curated directly from Emmitt's personal collection, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of his earning League MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and a Super Bowl win all in the same year!

Auctions end February 13.

Emmitt Blue Suit No Bkgnd.png

A Career Retrospective

By Athletes For Fans

Notable Live is the only platform where you can be a part of, and own, a piece of NFL history. 

Here you can ask world-class athletes questions, share stories, or get inspired through our live virtual events. Our exclusive auctions offer unique personal experiences, like fishing or golfing days with your sports hero, and exclusive memorabilia, including game-worn jerseys and autographed touchdown footballs.

Meet Our Roster of Sports Icons

From NFL Hall of Famers like Emmitt Smith and Ray Lewis to NASCAR trailblazer Jesse Iwuji, our roster embodies excellence, passion, and dedication.  Our roster is growing and so is our reputation for world-class experiences and customer service. 

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