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1. Gain Access

Create your FREE Notable Live account !

Notable sign up.png

2. Register for an event

Login to your Notable live account, select the event you wish to attend and register for it. Be sure to add your question 24 hours before the event starts.

3. Download the app

Download the Notable Live app on your iOS or Android mobile device

Download on the App Store
Get It on Google Play

Make sure to upload a profile picture prior to your first event

Download Notable Live App.png

4. Join the event!

Getting "in the room" is easy! Simply open the Notable Live app. On the Select Your Live! Experience page, select "Notable Live", then click "Next".

Lastly, login to the Notable Live App, then look for
My Events tab and click Join Event button up to 30 minutes before the event.

Want to save these instructions for later?  Click here to download them now.

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