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A Historic Moment for Eddie George Fans Courtesy of eBay Live and Notable Live

NOTRE DAME, Ind. (September 1-2, 2023) - The Tennessee State football team and its head coach Eddie George made history the first weekend of September when they visited Notre Dame for a historic match-up.

George, who took over the Tigers program in 2021, joined the Notable Live team for an eBay Live event Friday night. The former Tennessee Titans great signed loads of memorabilia including limited edition Tennessee State-Notre Dame items, footballs, mini helmets, and photos.

George mentioned during the eBay Live event how this was a perfect way to engage with his supporters.

“It seems like a great opportunity to connect with the fans to kind of relive some of my memories of playing in this game,” George said.

The 1995 Heisman winner tapped into that memory bank during the eBay Live event, recalling a specific flashback connected with one of his autographed photos.

“This game here was against the New York Giants in 2000. We destroyed that team. It was so hot on the field that day; it had to be about 102 degrees in the Adelphia Stadium at the time,” George said. “I just remember Michael Strahan, Jessie Armstead just dying from the heat.”

The Tigers coach shared game plan insights and told us why this game was so monumental for his program.This contest not only marked the first the first time Notre Dame played an non-FBS school, but the first time the Irish competed against an HBCU.

“Historically speaking there’s a first for everything, so we broke through the barrier with that,” George added. “Regardless of the outcome for us, this will be a great experience for us, but in terms of being a competitor we’re going to find out who we are in terms of a measuring stick.”

While the contest against the Fighting Irish didn't go the Tigers’ way, Coach George gave his fans a winning experience during the eBay Live experience Friday night.

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