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Notable Live Experiences: Broncos Fan Meets His Sports Hero

CHANTILLY, VA. (October 22, 2023) - Avid collector Josh Newman took a chance and came out a winner at the October CSA Show.

The Denver Broncos fan won a Notable Live eBay auction in which Newman got an exclusive meet-and-greet with one of his favorite players, Champ Bailey. Newman mentioned he’s never had an experience like this.

“This is unique, I’ve never done anything quite like this before,” Newman said. “The experience alone was just unique is the best way to say it.”

When the Broncos supporter and the Hall of Famer first met in the back room of the autograph show, Newman was a little nervous. But as the two settled in, the uneasiness drifted away. Newman and Bailey sat on the couch discussing career highlights and life after the game.

“A lot of thoughts, like crap, what do I say, what am I going to think about, talk about, so I’m just going to wing it,” Newman said. “A lot of the time they say don’t meet your heroes…don’t meet your idols, because they might disappoint ya. He’s a great dude.”

Long lines and quick interactions with the athletes were the main reasons Newman grabbed the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet one of his favorite football stars.

“This opportunity to meet Champ and not have to waste time in lines, actually get his autograph and get his picture and get to meet him, I thought…why not go all out, and this is my first time doing one of these experiences, why not just go for the top."

Newman’s interaction started with nerves, but ended with an autographed helmet and jersey, a photo with Bailey, and lifelong memories. This exciting opportunity did not stop the Broncos fan from emphatically endorsing Notable Live Experiences.

“I would recommend this, especially if it’s something you care about, it’s a person you idolize. To get full get to meet the guy who inspired me to love the Broncos is a surreal moment.”

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